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Kumbhalgarh Fort - 85km

Kumbhalgarh fort can be included while listing the places of interest in Udaipur . Kumbhalgarh fort is 64 km north of Udaipur and is standing on the surface of the sky reaching Aravilli ranges. Rana Kumbha built the fort of Kumbhalgarh and it became a safe shelter for the baby and future king Udai Singh. Also it was a safe hideout to countless Mewar rulers during the difficult times. It is also the birthplace of the honorable Maharana Pratap. Several massive armies had to lay their weapons under this massive and tough fort but unluckily the fort once turned out to be aggressive to its own people. Once when the combined army of Mughal and Amber attacked the fort the hideout became their deathbed, as there was a shortage of water. Because of its rough terrains it can also be said as one of the exotic destinations of Udaipur .